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Why Concerned Parents Should Think More Deeply About The Flue Shot This Season!

(If you normally have your child get the flu shot, and plan to this season as well, congratulations, that is an unusually smart choice this year.)

If you have concerns, maybe you are hesitant to choose the flu shot, such as:
  1. Flu shot may not be that protective.
  2. My child always seems to get a mild reaction to the flu shot. Why put them through that?
  3. If my child gets the flu, the medicine available works well (Tamiflu).
  4. I or my family member(s) or friend(s) have gotten the flu during years when they have taken the flu vaccine.
OK, But . . . .
This year is different – Due to the prevalence of the new COVID-19 illness (not present in previous years).

OK, But . . . .

This year is different – Due to the prevalence of the new COVID-19 illness (not present in previous years).

Dr. Young’s recommendation is to PLEASE get the influenza immunization this year! It is ESPECIALLY Important!
Reason: As a Preventative
  • Even if the influenza shot is only 50%-70% effective, that can be enough to reduce the risk to your child of getting flu and/or It will likely make the illness milder.
  • Reason: To Reduce Worry
  • That your child will acquire influenza.
  • That your child’s weakened immune system will make it an easier target for the COVID 19.
  • That your child may get a double “whammy” from the flu causing a weakened immunity, then the COVID-19, or VICE VERSA.
  • That your child may be more likely to get pneumonia, require hospitalization, or have other flu or COVID complications.
  • That with the flu test being imperfect (frequently misses cases of the flu), and with the similarity of flu to COVID, it may be more difficult to accurately diagnose and treat the flu.
  • COVID-19 illness will likely be worsening in the fall and winter months; the same time as influenza begins.
  • Tamiflu may likely be, or become, in shorter supply as many cases of presumed flu (that end up being COVID-19) will be given prescriptions for Tamiflu.
  • To help cut down on the risk of flu so that our health care system will not be overwhelmed by both COVID-19 and influenza illness during the fall.
  • To be sure: Nobody can guarantee your child will not get the flu (or COVID-19)
  • BUT: The flu vaccine will likely reduce the chance of your child being as ill with the flue and will cut down on the risk of having to rely on an overtaxed health care system.AND will reduce the risk of relying on Tamiflu - that may be hard to find in a pandemic environment)



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